There were four in the bed and then Mummy said…

It all begins in a quiet three-bedroom home in West Hobart, Tasmania.
Navigate downstairs to the master bedroom. It’s dark and silent, full of the sweet symphony of four people breathing.
On one side of the bed is a 100-plus kilogram slab of bloke, pumping out the breaths of one deep in slumber.
On the other is the sprawled skin and bones of a six-year-old boy, calm and content after crawling into the grown-ups’ bed.
In the middle is me, mother and partner of man and boy, sitting up but slipping in and out of sleep under the weight of sheer exhaustion.
And the weight of a two-month-old baby, asleep but somehow determinedly glued to the boob.
Doesn’t it sound darling?
Four hearts soundly beating side by side.
Give it five minutes…
“Mum,” Master Six says suddenly, making me jump. Surely he was just asleep?
“Who do you like better – Mario or Luigi?”
I look at him, willing the little plumbers out of my head.
“Or Toad or Yoshi or…” he trails off, seeing my face.
“Sleep,” I say, frowning.
“But…” he starts, getting up on an elbow and knocking his little brother’s head in the process.
Li’l Fatty starts to scream, prompting Master Six to quickly curl up and close his eyes, as though it had never happened.
The other bloke, of course, hears nothing.
I simply can’t allow that and shake him awake.
“Can you take him back to his bed?” I implore.
Half-asleep and slightly confused, Learner Dad complies, carrying a still-desperately-pretending-to-be-asleep Master Six back to his room.
I wrap Li’l Fatty and return him to the nursery.
Despite his good deed, Learner Dad returns to more bad news.
“It’s too hot in here. I can’t sleep,” I stare at him with meaning.
He looks at me, sighs, turns and disappears. I hear him pull out a doona, quietly walk upstairs and softly close the door.
And then peace really does settle on the house.
Four beating hearts now scattered.
This is our story.
It’s a blog about a woman and her son, finally finding their life partner and father, and then getting an unexpected bonus: Li’l Fatty.
I hope you enjoy!


9 thoughts on “There were four in the bed and then Mummy said…

  1. This is brilliant! My nights almost exactly, only with Miss Two, 9 month baby still glued on and a very experienced Dad who still dosn’t hear a thing. Looking forward to the next installment! Thankyou for sharing!

  2. Enjoyed that little read … unfortunately for me now the kid’s have all grown up and are now replaced by two furry little dogs in our bed. Not happy Jan

  3. Four in the bed..I can relate…!!!!
    Even after 13 years…I still have night-time visitors constantly…
    Spot on Ali…a situation every mother in the world can relate too…
    Can’t wait to read the next installment!

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