iGetting over the iPhone

“I’m taking you on a trip away before the baby comes,” Learner Dad beamed at me one day last summer.
“And guess what?
“I’m not taking my phone.”
I didn’t know which was the more exciting. I’ve long complained to Learner Dad about his iPhone addiction so this was huge.
The eve of the trip came and I could see him toying hesitantly with his phone as he packed his suitcase.
“It’s really going to compromise my Dreamteam if I don’t take it,” he said to me, as though the whole thing had been my idea!
“And you know Dad likes to call every day.”
I didn’t think Dreamteam could take up too much of his time on our tropical adventure, and the Dad thing was quite cute, so I didn’t kick up much fuss.
I don’t think I ever really believed he’d leave his best friend behind anyway.
So off we went – me, Learner Dad and his phone.
It turned out Dreamteam needed to be examined on the hour, sometimes involving detailed conversions of the information to paper (napkins, receipts, whatever was around).
We made a deal there’d at least be no Facebook or Twitter but I’m sure I heard a little twit tweeting by day two.
Now I’m not perfect – while I often refer to Learner Dad as ‘Daddy iPhone’ and Master Six as ‘Leo DS’, they’ve taken to calling me ‘Mummy iPad’.
Li’l Fatty cranes his neck to look as I hit up Song Pop while breastfeeding.
Master Six comes running when he hears me load up Draw Something.
And Learner Dad… well he’s too busy with his iPhone to bother with what I’m doing.
Honestly what hope do our kids have? It’s black gadgets or it’s boredom.
The best we can do, in this high tech world, is enforce a few rules.
For us they include:
• no gadgets at the breakfast or dinner table
• no TV or DS before school or after dinner
• weekends are for Wii
And apart from numbers 2 and 3, we’re doing quite well!
With that, I’m off to read a book.
Er, on the iPad…


7 thoughts on “iGetting over the iPhone

  1. Its such a different world since the iDevice hey!
    My almost 2 year old is an expert on the iPhone/iPad. Literally. He can take a photo, play numerous games, go into iTunes and navigate around to listen to small snippets of music… And of course knows exactly how to get to Erika’s stash of ‘One Direction’ and find the exact song he likes and put it on repeat…

    We had to limit iDevice time… I don’t do so well for me, but for the kids I do!

    • i know! i have a 2yo nephew who loves looking at pics of himself and knows exactly where to find them. I hate to think what Li’l Fatty will be able to do! sorry i wrote the wrong name in a comment on your blog recently. I’m still getting used to this world and got mixed up!

    • i couldn’t open the article Luke but will have a look online? It’s tough – we try and get Leo to play outside or with his toys but his main enjoyment is with gadgets. We don’t want his life to be just about gadgets so we limit them but we also want him to keep up so we try and be realistic.

  2. It is amazing how we become so reliant on these igadgets without even realising. I have a very close relationship with my ipad so I totally understand Learner Dad’s dilemma!

    • Leo and I had few gadgets until we moved in with Brent, Jo. I’ve only recently discovered his iPad and i tell you what, it gets a good run every day! I can’t really give him a hard time anymore

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