Tell ya MONA what we’re gonna do…

Where do you get married when you’re not keen on a church wedding and you live in Tasmania, thus making very risky the prospect of an outdoor ceremony?
This is the dilemma facing Learner Dad and I at the moment.
The reception isn’t a problem, there’s a plethora of choices. But a scenic spot that can fit about 130 people for our ceremony is harder to come by.
We started off our search in style – visiting the Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA.
The first room we were shown had everything we needed – glimpses of the river through a native bush setting; bi-fold doors to open for atmosphere; an expanse of lawn to mingle on, possibly even marry on… all for a tidy $750.
We planned to spend most of our budget on the party so we were looking for an inexpensive location for the ceremony.
Then our tour got interesting.
We were escorted down to a ‘wine cellar’. It had all the hallmarks of a plain garage – fluorescent lighting, uneven concrete floor and a distracting hum.
But flanked with huge wine barrels, it managed a certain appeal.
“How much for this room?” Learner Dad hesitantly asked our guide.
“Three… no, two,” she said, consulting her chart.
“Brilliant,” Learner Dad beamed, clearly already working out the layout for the big event.
‘Yep brilliant,’ I thought, knowing he now thought he could get married in the wine cellar of a world renowned museum for a mere two HUNDRED dollars.
I hoped he’d forget about it.
The next room was stunning. A large private room tucked on to the side of the museum, floodlit with sunshine, with its own ‘living wall’ and contemporary furniture.
“What about this one?” Learner Dad queried, gazing around.
“This one is definitely three,” our guide said.
For god’s sake, I thought, as Learner Dad nodded happily, was she too afraid to use the ‘th’ word?
She chatted on to Learner Dad about the room, as he soaked up the possibilities.
“So we get full use of the room…” Learner Dad started (no, don’t do it) “…and all the chairs…” (please!) “…for just three hundred dollars?” he asked, astounded.
“Er, thousand,” our guide said, brightening her smile to compensate for Learner Dad’s fading one.
Needless to say, that’s where our tour ended.
So, we’re still to book a ceremony.
But we can say we got a damn fine tour of Tassie’s biggest tourist attraction.


6 thoughts on “Tell ya MONA what we’re gonna do…

  1. Poor Brent… you should have let him down slowly.
    PS. I like the way on the days you don’t blog you still put a ‘Saying’ of sorts. Helping me consider my own ‘Like page’ or even blog etc. Anyway, you do entertain Al. I’m learning a lot, and gettinng less tense about a ‘Li’L Fatty’ in the future!!!

  2. I had the same problem as I wanted to get married outside. All the parks etc charge you fees of around $100 upwards! I love Richmond so enquired about prices through the Clarence council. To get married with the beautiful back drop of the bridge and to stand on the little platform cost me a whopping $35!!!! Yep that’s it $35.00 oh the celebrant was $350 but it was the most beautiful place to be married and there were lots of onlookers which made me feel extra special.

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