What’s the toy story?

What’s the toy story?

When Master Seven only had a Mario toy and a Luigi toy, he used to make karts out of his shoes and create tracks with remote controls and whatever else he could find in the loungeroom.

One birthday later, he has every Super Mario toy and accessory in existence.

He no longer has to try and be creative or resourceful – it’s all there at his fingertips.

And I only have myself to blame – Learner Dad and I bought him the Mario Kart track, along with a bunch of figurines, and recommended others get him Mario gear.

In fact I could take every toy out of Master Seven’s room and re-fill all the empty space with everything he got for his 7th birthday.

After two family celebrations and a party with friends, he has a stack of new things so high, he doesn’t know where to start.

I created a ‘present table’ in his room – many of his new things are still in their packets.

Learner Dad goes big on birthdays and Christmas. The first special occasion he shared with Master Seven and I, he arrived at our house with a washing basket full of gifts.

The excitement his generosity generated created a precedent.

Although I used to buy Master Seven only one gift (knowing he’d get 871 others from friends and family), I go a bit harder at the shops now than I used to.

But the article above (click on What’s the toy story? at top of page), posted on the Hobart Mums Network, got me thinking… /p>

Is our generosity putting our kids at a disadvantage?


2 thoughts on “What’s the toy story?

  1. Because we were poor, we were only allowed to ask for one thing for birthday and Christmas. I would go to my friends place and play with all their things. I didn’t get a bike until I was 14yo and by that time it wasn’t cool to ride you had to wonder the streets with your mates.

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