The gift of RE-giving…

“Did you check there wasn’t an inscription on that?” Learner Dad asked me as we drove away.
“What? Oh shit no! Why didn’t you ask me that before?” I yelled.
We’d just been to visit an old work colleague who was expecting a baby.
And I’d re-gifted.
That’s right. I’d wrapped up one of the five neutral baby books we’d been given for Li’l Fatty and re-gifted it.
It was my first and probably last time.
Clearly there are too many risks. What if they send you a public thank you message, and photo, on Facebook?
What if she was the one who gave you the book?
Or if she was there when you were given it?
Now there was a chance she was flipping through it and about to find a message that said “Dear Li’l Fatty, many happy memories, love…”
Oh god, maybe her!
Seriously I think the best course from here is to stick to re-gifting only the gift bags (and hope all my friends have boys!)
But even that has its risks.
I recently threw a board game for one of Master Seven’s friends into a bag with racing cars on it, almost missing three crucial words – ‘It’s a Boy’.
Does anyone else re-gift?
I have a box full of 000 clothes Li’l Fatty never wore.
I have girls’ clothes too (from those who didn’t believe what I said I saw at the ultrasound).
His nursery is adorned with three monkeys, 16 teddies, 31 puppies and a handful of soft toys Master Seven never got around to meeting, toys I mistakenly thought Li’l Fatty might need.
Of course he will discover many of these toys in the coming years.
As for the others… maybe they’ll make the best gift of all – the gift of charity!
NB: If you gave Li’l Fatty a gift and are reading this, fear not! We loved your gift the best and would never part with it 


2 thoughts on “The gift of RE-giving…

  1. Great post…I’ve never done it myself..but have come close…
    I’ve nominated you for an award, check out my blog for details 🙂

  2. Wow that’s fantastic! I’ll have to check out some of the others on there too. Hmmm re-gifting was my hardest post. I know some may disagree with it but it was such a lovely gift, it deserved a home.

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