Learner Dad and the Fairy fraud

“You look like a real Collingwood supporter now.”
Ever since the mass exodus of Master Seven’s teeth, it’s become the joke of the year (and I use the term ‘joke’ very loosely).
Desperate to keep up with “Olivia at school who’s lost eight teeth”, Master Seven has been cajoling tooth after tooth out of his increasingly gummy grin.
So you’d think Learner Dad and I would be organised wouldn’t you?
A little stash of cash for the tooth fairy to withdraw from?
Uh uh.
The other night we got caught out big time. It was 11pm before I suddenly sat up in bed and said to Learner Dad: “We forgot to leave money from the Tooth Fairy.”
Now Learner Dad hasn’t made contact with a coin in years – he’s an Eftpos man through and through.
So it was up to me to rifle through my handbags and drawers to find something.
Nada, not one single coin.
So, in the dead of night, the Tooth Fairy (in this instance Learner Dad donned the wings) crept into Master Seven’s room, pinched a couple of coins from his money box, and dropped them into the glass he’d left next to his bed with his little tooth.
The next morning, Master Seven burst into our room, showing us the coins the Tooth Fairy had lugged into his room in the dead of night.
He showed us and then proudly dropped them into his money box.
BACK into his money box.
The first thing Learner Dad did after work that night was replace the money.
But do you think we’ve learned from it? Have we now set up a stash of cash for such emergencies?
But at least we have Master Seven’s!


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