From mummy’s boy to man’s best friend

“Why can’t I just use your milk?” Master Seven asked when I told him there was none left for his Nutri Grain.
“My milk?” I asked.
“Yes,” he said, pointing to my boobs. “If Li’l Fatty can have it, why can’t I?”
Halfway through my bizarre explanation of why babies drink from mums and kids drink from cows, a clearly bored Master Seven shrugged and walked away.
He’s shown surprisingly little jealousy since his brother’s arrival three months ago.
Before we doubled the size of our family, Master Seven was my world.
Pretty much everything I did, thought or said revolved around him.
He was my baby, my husband and my little best mate rolled into one.
And I thought, despite finding a new baby and a new husband, I could never love anyone as much as him.
So imagine my surprise at becoming equally infatuated with his little brother.
I sometimes get so caught up goo-goo-ing at Li’l Fatty, I don’t realise Master Seven’s been talking to me for the past five minutes.
I splash bub in the bath and then look around to find Master Seven has gone off to school without a kiss goodbye.
I breastfeed at tea time before remembering I haven’t even thought about Master Seven’s dinner.
Now stand down, no need to call social services.
Because Master Seven has fallen in love with someone else.
While Li’l Fatty and I wander around the house in a haze of sleepiness, nursery rhymes and spew, Master Seven and Learner Dad have turned to each other.
They’ve bonded over building Lego sports stadiums and watching the Olympics.
They’ve bonded over learning chest marks and shooting three pointers.
They’ve bonded over AFL Live and The Ashes on the Play Station.
They’ve bonded every morning in the car on the way to school.
Yesterday I found them bonding over a slow motion video of Li’l Fatty vomiting.
They’ve bonded so well I sometimes wonder who’s actually forgotten who.
So Master Seven may have lost a teeny tiny bit of Mum… but he’s gained a whole lotta Dad.


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