A Decent Proposal

“Now is a good time to have a think about what kind of bling you’re going to wear for the rest of your life,” I said to Learner Dad, pointing at the mens’ wedding rings on display.
We were at a local jewellery store, preparing to have my engagement ring re-sized.
The sales lady sidled over to listen.
“Well it doesn’t matter too much,” Learner Dad replied matter-of-factly. “The celebrant buys the rings, doesn’t he?”
The assistant’s head snapped up to look at Learner Dad, then at me.
I quickly giggled, to show I wasn’t a wedding doofus too.
“No you idiot,” I said. “We have to choose them ourselves.”
If my engagement ring is anything to go by, Learner Dad won’t have a problem.
I don’t know costs or carats, I only know it is stunning.
The night he gave it to me, I was shocked beyond belief.
I always knew Learner Dad would want to surprise me with a proposal but didn’t think he stood a chance.
I mean, it’s usually a dinner you’re told to dress up for, right?
A sudden weekend away perhaps?
Apparently not.
Learner Dad had whisked me off to Cairns about three months before Li’l Fatty was born.
I’d knowingly packed my most fancy maternity dress and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Then we’d flown home.
I figured now, if he was going to pop the question, it would be post-birth.
So I relaxed.
But the big night came only about six weeks later.
We’d been to our antenatal class in town.
I’d yawned my way through it. I’d already done the course while pregnant with Master Seven, and I was hot and tired.
“I can’t wait to get into bed,” I grumbled all the way home.
The front door was unlocked when we arrived.
Fearing burglars, I refused to go in. Learner Dad put on a tough front, trying to coax me in, before eventually just grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs.
I knew as soon as I opened the door to the lounge room.
As soon as I saw the candles and the roses.
As soon as I heard the soppy music.
And as soon as Learner Dad broke down in tears.
I was alarmed. Was he going to be able to pull this off in such a state?
And wary – who’d set this up? Was my mother crouching in a corner somewhere? His mother?
After assuring me we were alone, Learner Dad sat me down among the roses to watch a special DVD.
Being the TV man that he is, this tactic wasn’t a surprise.
But, just as he was about to press play and throw me the biggest question of both our lives…
“I need to go to the toilet,” I blurted out.
“Oh, ok,” he said, lowering the remote.
I sat in there, my head spinning.
I loved this man, we were about to have a baby, but the bastard had got me completely.
What was on the DVD? What was I going to say? Was he even going to be able to ask? Is this what I wanted?
I took a deep breath, let everything go, and grinned. Was there really anything to think about?
I watched his gorgeous little movie. He got on bended knee and somehow forced the question out of his mouth.
It was too dark to see the ring but I decided I’d deal with that later and simply gave him a cuddle.
And an affirmative answer.


4 thoughts on “A Decent Proposal

  1. Love it! Glad you gave an affirmative answer 🙂 He is one very lucky guy! Was lovely meeting you today (from your stalker @ Eastlands) V. xx

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