Putting your best bub forward…

“It’s not a competition,” Learner Dad said to me solemnly as I was getting Li’l Fatty dressed.
We were heading over to his parents’ house to see a visiting relative.
It was the first time she’d meet Li’l Fatty but he’d be sharing the limelight.
Two of Learner Dad’s maternal cousins had produced babies within the same six week period Li’l Fatty was born.
This had created a frenzy of excitement on that side of the family leading up to and since the births.
Li’l Fatty had arrived first, followed four weeks later by Li’l N and two weeks after that by Li’l R.
While every family occasion prior to the births looked like an antenatal class, every event after turned into a paparazzi event.
The babies took turns gazing, gurgling and grizzling as they were passed around, propped up or put down.
Each a first grandchild, they’d well and truly kicked off a new generation in the family and quickly became three of the most treasured human beings on Earth.
For this particular visit, I was stressing over how much sleep Li’l Fatty needed before we left so he’d be suitably smiley and happy.
And I was asking Learner Dad’s opinion on what he should wear.
So I was offended when it seemed he was accusing me of going all ‘toddler and tiara’.
I mean, all any mum wants when she takes her baby out is for him to look well cared for and happy.
What Li’l N or Li’l R would be wearing, or how much sleep they’d had, hadn’t even occurred to me.
I just knew I was looking forward to seeing them.
In the end, all three bubs were on their best behaviour.
But if it had been a competition?
Well, Li’l R was definitely the prettiest.
And Li’l N had the best head of hair.
And as for Li’l Fatty?
Well, he was still the fattest.


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