Belief in your children

What do you tell your children about climate change? About God? About gay marriage?
Do you impose your beliefs on them?
Here’s what Mia Freedman had to say:


2 thoughts on “Belief in your children

  1. I’ll let them know what I believe in, but ultimately it is their decision. I don’t believe in god, or religion to that matter, my kids will know that, they will get my views and my opinions on the topic. But I will also make sure they understand about religions and all the different kinds… And that everyone has different opinions… Thats going to be my plan with most things… But ask me again in 16 years how that has gone for me!

    • That’s exactly how I feel! I am planning to write more about it in another blog but I’d always thought if I was asked by my boys about Heaven and dying I’d say ‘I just don’t know’, which is the truth. But my mum has already given master seven the heaven talk and he’s pretty happy with it so i’ll let that one lie. And Learner Dad, though a complete non-believer, said he’d do the same thing. My mum took me to church for a while when I was little, then said ‘there it is, if you want to keep going, you can’. I didn’t.

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