From little things, big things flow

“Why can’t we just get one of those?” Learner Dad asked, pointing at a stroller conveying a sleepy toddler down the hospital corridor.
“Why does everyone bother with those big bulky black prams?”
“Because,” I answered. “A newborn baby can’t sit up by itself. It would slide right out of a stroller.”
“Ah, ok,” he said.
Sadly, this wasn’t his only misconception about baby gear.
He overheard me chatting to a work colleague weeks later about needing a capsule for the car.
“What? We already have a car seat! You mean we need to get more stuff? Do we need it now?” he asked.
“You need it in time to bring your baby home from hospital,” our workmate said.
“But Ali will just carry it on her lap. Won’t you?” he asked, looking at me.
My workmate exploded into laughter.
Yes, Learner Dad was expecting me to make like Britney Spears and actually carry our baby home in the car.
We were heavily pregnant at this stage and he was fast realising how many big and expensive props came with one small person.
Being my second baby, I was fairly well prepared.
I had kept a lot of things and second hand didn’t scare me.
While probably a relief to my family, who’d bought so much for my first baby, it was disappointing to Learner Dad’s family.
There wasn’t really much they could buy for their first baby grandchild.
‘Yes, we have a cot thanks.’
‘Oh, and a cradle.’
‘A friend is giving us a change table.’
‘We have the cousin’s pram.’
‘The portacot’s gathering dust somewhere.’
‘I still have a bumbo actually.’
‘And a front pack.’
‘And a back pack. Sorry!’
In the end they settled on a bouncinette.
And a baby monitor.
A mobile play centre.
60 boxes of nappies.
And 385 jumpsuits.
Oh, and they could probably ask us about a high chair…


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