Kiss hug kiss hug

“Great to see you again then,” I said, as we prepared to leave.
I leaned in, suddenly unsure if this was a ‘kiss’ or ‘cuddle’ person.
In a panic I puckered up, only to land a kiss awkwardly in the shell of her ear.
Yep, this was a ‘cuddle’ person.
At least she was into some sort of embrace.
I’ve been in worse situations where I’ve gone in for the kiss or cuddle, only to realise at the last second that the person isn’t expecting either and just stands there…
Being kissed or cuddled…
By me.
The funny thing is, I was never a ‘kiss’ person.
I mean, I am to close friends and family.
To acquaintances, I was pretty happy with a casual wave, a quick hug hello or goodbye if required.
But after too many cringe-worthy moments, where I’d gone in for the hug and had an unrequited smooch land on my cheek, or my eye, or even my shoulder, I had given up and become a kisser.
It seemed easier that way.
That was, until I came across the hardcore kissers…
They’re the ones who see your mouth heading for their cheek and quickly turn their face for a bit of lip-on-lip action.
Those buggers always take me by surprise.
And leave me standing there, desperately trying not to wipe the residue away.
I’m not sure exactly how old I was when I went from punching my little brothers, to kissing them.
But it was only recently I realised one of them was definitely NOT the kiss type – he was simply sticking his cheek in my vicinity, probably reluctantly, and letting me kiss it.
So, recently, I decided I’d do the same – and we ended up awkwardly cheek slapping each other in greeting.
Fortunately the absurdity of it made us laugh and it’s since become our special way of saying goodbye.
And speaking of, it’s adios from me.
Sorry, were you not expecting that?


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