Driven to despair

Li’l Fatty rubbed his eyes and put his head on my shoulder.
After a busy morning laughing, bathing, playing and pooing (unfortunately in that order), he was exhausted.
It was time for his morning sleep.
I carried him into the kitchen to look for his dummy.
And then I saw it.
Sitting on the bench, completely out of place at this time of day – Master Seven’s lunchbox.
I desperately tried to call Learner Dad but he wasn’t answering.
I knew he’d be covering the cricket that day anyway and could hardly leave just to deliver his son’s lunchbox.
“Bugger it,” I muttered, grabbing the lunchbox and keys and heading for the car.
“You stay awake,” I ordered Li’l Fatty as I strapped him in.
Every parent knows how important this is.
Keeping your baby awake until you get home for his proper nap.
Should he or she drop off for even five minutes, he or she’ll wake believing sleep time’s over and spend the rest of the day cranky as hell.
We got Master Seven’s lunchbox to school without issue but, by the time we were headed home again, Li’l Fatty was struggling.
“Peekaboo!” I yelled, swinging my head round to look at him.
He smiled tiredly.
So I did it again.
After about five ‘peekaboos’, I checked myself.
What the hell was I doing?
I was playing this game while driving.
How long would my baby stay awake if I crashed head on into a garbage truck?
So I pressed the buttons to open both front windows and cranked the music up.
But it only made him more sleepy.
I was losing him.
I began singing hysterically – The Wiggles, Metallica, One Direction, whatever it took.
Pulled over at a red light, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.
I looked over to see a woman in the driver’s seat of the car next to me.
She was waving her arms about like mad and I could hear her yelling as she glanced desperately in the rearview mirror.
I glanced behind her.
Yep, there was a car seat.
She was trying to keep her baby awake too.
As the light turned green, we two mothers lurched forward, doing our crazy driving dances and singing our stupid desperate songs.
Risking our lives and the lives of others on the road, all to keep our babies from dropping off.
I got Li’l Fatty home just in time.
Straight on the boob and out for the count.
What if I’d failed, you ask?
If he’d fallen asleep in the car?
Well that’s easy.
I would have accepted defeat.
And then driven to Launceston.


6 thoughts on “Driven to despair

  1. Gold! I clap my way home from swimming most weeks and am always grateful when my kids get old enough to eat apple, crackers, grapes, sangas, whatever all the way home from playgroup, toddler gym, swimming etc. I also once drove 45min around a suburb just to make sure my tired toddler slept long enough to be sane for a doc appt seeing as I lost the car battle.

    • Yes, although the Launnie bit was a joke I actually did recently travel from Berriedale down the Taroona way to Kingston and back up through the old highway to Fern Tree then home. He got a good solid hour’s sleep 🙂

  2. Yep I hear you! Especially with my 3 year old who has dropped his day sleep. If we are anywhere during the day and he’s exhausted himself, the ride home is touch and go. Any shut eye earlier than 7pm is a nap and means he doesn’t get to bed until 9.30/10. I do a silly voice and say “NO SLEEPING” to my kids in the car. It keeps them laughing until we pull into the driveway. 🙂

    • 3 is a tough age! You’re right, it’s either no sleep and wrecked by 6pm or they have a sleep and are wide awake at 9pm. God I love the day sleep though!

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