Get the picture?

“I’ve put her up on Facebook already. Is that bad?” I heard someone whisper after the bride had walked down the aisle.
I was shocked.
Dozens, possibly hundreds, of strangers were privy to this poor bride’s photos before she’d seen one herself.
Before she’d even actually got married.
I remember hearing recently of the wedding of a fairly well-known Tasmanian sportsman.
Guests had been instructed not to post photos of any part of the wedding on any social networking sites.
I’d also heard of another wedding where guests were required to hand their phones in until the end of the reception (I can only imagine how that went down!)
Now I’m not sure my soon-to-be hubby and I are that fussed about where our photos end up at this stage.
But it warrants discussion.
I mean, what if someone posted a shocker?
Sure, the page boy might look cute, or the bridesmaid might look hot, but if the bride’s in the background sneaking a ciggie or trying to pluck a wedgie before taking the long walk down the aisle, well is that really fair?
Or, she’s spent all day having her hair and make up done, all year trying to squeeze into the dress, only to be put up on the internet with her damn eyes closed (by the chick standing next to her, who is pretty happy with how hot she herself looks in this particular photo).
And, as for the groom, sure it may be sweet he’s crying but if his tears are accompanied by streams of snot then does anyone really need to see it?
If the marrying couple has invested every shred of time, energy and money into this particular day, then surely copyright must be theirs?
But perhaps there are benefits to having your big day broadcast by all and sundry.
What if a guest has taken a pearler, one of those candid shots your own photographer missed, and one that you’d have shared over and over, perhaps even had printed and framed, if only someone had posted it online?
And, if you’re looking smoking on your big day, then surely a little tag on Facebook, where your exes often linger, can’t be a completely bad thing?
I’m not sure Learner Dad and I will ever really care enough to make a big hoo-haa about it for our wedding.
But then again, I’m not sure we’ll have to worry now.
With most of our guests loyally subscribed to this blog, it’s probably no longer an issue.


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