Save I.T. for a rainy day

“Ok, that’s enough of the Wii,” I said to Master Seven.
Reluctantly he put the remote away.
He wandered over to his DS, on the charger in the corner of the lounge room.
Oops, he’d forgotten to turn the charger on.
So Master Seven turned his attention to Learner Dad’s iPad, lying idly on the coffee table.
He sent off a few sketches on Draw Something before it too needed to go on the charger.
Sighing, he went and sat by my phone, drumming his fingers and willing it to beep so he could at least reply to a text message.
“C’mon, time to take a break,” I demanded, at which point he sighed again and went and switched on the TV.
I stood, watching him.
I remembered being little and my parents switching the TV off when it was time to ‘take a break’.
When did ‘taking a break’ suddenly become swapping video games for television?
I turned it off again, to the sound of groans.
Ok, ok, so why not force my little tech-dependent out into the sunshine?
Well, because there was none.
It was a rainy day.
After whiling a few hours away on books and boardgames, Master Seven begged for extra time on the Wii.
Because it was still raining, I let the one hour rule slide – but this time I would step up as the Luigi to his Mario.
Determination turned to despondence as I fell off walls, under bombs and into lava, while Mario hopped, skipped and jumped his way through each level.
Didn’t I teach him this stuff?
Wasn’t I the one he used to brag about at kindergarten?
“My mummy can kill Bowser Junior…” I’d hear him proudly tell his little friends when I dropped him off.
Now it’s me telling my friends Master Seven has to help me turn off the Play Station.
Or download an app on the iPad.
But that’s nothing.
My nephew didn’t just watch last year’s Christmas pageant.
He photographed it.
On his mummy’s iPhone.
He was two.
Eleven months old, Li’l Fatty already has a keen eye on the gadgets.
He waves the heat pump remote at the TV and the TV remote at the dishwasher.
As for the iPhones, they’re the things we’re always waving around in front of him.
The ones that usually come with the words: “Smile” or “Stay still”.
They’re the things we’ll always dangle in front of him but never let him have.
Except, I’m guessing, on a rainy day.


One thought on “Save I.T. for a rainy day

  1. Yup…we bought the boys an iPad each – big decision (and expense)….and I shouldn’t really admit that it was a shocking bribe. My husband and I were complaining about their new obsession with them, then looked at each other – we were tap tap tapping away on our iPhones. Hypocrical beans aren’t we 😉

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