Who am I?


I’m another Mummy blogger.
I’m also a reporter living in Tasmania.
And for the next two years I’ll be ‘turning 40’.
I named this blog after my second child.
I’d lived life back to front – having a child (Master Nine) THEN meeting a man (Learner Dad) THEN having another child (Lil Fatty).
Nearly three years on, we’ve again reset our clocks with the arrival of Fairy Floss, a little girl to even out the numbers.
(Except apparently this one’s on Dad’s team!)
A quiet patch of pink, she can’t seem to see what all the fuss is about.
Her arrival has inspired me to write again.
But most of this is still about Lil Fatty because, let’s face it, toddlers provide the best fodder.


19 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I loved your blog Ali and I look forward to reading many more – you are a very talented writer!

  2. Yes, sleeping in a bed sans kids is one of the (few) advantages of ageing! Mind you, sleepless nights WITH kids in your bed is sometimes better than sleepless nights WITHOUT kids – when you’re still awake a 6.00am waiting for those who no longer sleep in your bed to come home after a night out!!

  3. Hi Ali! Great blog! Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Learner Dad, Master Six and Lil Fatty! Very cute. Sounds like you’re incredibly happy and you deserve it xxx

    • Awesome, thanks! I just checked yours out and love how the first way you describe your kids is by which footy team they follow! For the record, my M7 is Pies. Lil Fatty could go Pies too, but Learner Dad already has him an Eagles membership. So how do I follow you guys? Great concept but I need a simple ‘follow’ button to press #techtwit

      • I know, I need to update our site. Find us at facebook.com/tacklenappy and search for TackleNappy on any social network and you’ll pretty much find us. We’re also at Facebook.com/aussiedaddybloggers & http://www.daddybloggers.com.au

        Oh you can’t let them follow the Eagles, that would be a tragedy. I’m not sure if its a good thing that we put so much emphasis on what footy team our kids follow…I don’t mind either way, as long as they follow Collingwood. 🙂

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