Barefoot and pregnant… and single… at 45

I have several single friends who have chosen to become single mothers.
I didn’t choose it, but my four years as a single mum were extremely special.
But, whether it was a choice or not, what do you tell your kids about where they came from?
Check out this expectant mum’s story:

The working mum myth

A friend sent me this article recently.


She said, despite the negative title, it left her feeling empowered.
I have to say I agree.
For so long we’ve been told we can successfully juggle motherhood with work.
Juggle, yes.
Successfully? Not so much.
Any working mother knows the guilty feeling of not being at work because her child is sick.
Or of being at work when her child is sick.
Or the guilt at leaving work right on time to race to pick up your child.
And the guilt at finding he’s the last one left at childcare.
I could go on and on about the difficulties of being a working mum but right now I’m happily ensconced in the cocoon that is maternity leave.

This is a long article – read it if you have the time.