Maid to choose

At first, I didn’t plan to have bridesmaids.
I suggested to Learner Dad we simply employ our two children as attendants.
Master Seven could stand up one end with him, and Li’l Fatty could accompany Poppy Pete and I down the aisle.
Master Seven and Li’l Fatty probably wouldn’t throw the wildest Hen’s do.
But I liked the simplicity of this.
I also liked the idea of not having to choose bridesmaids.
Learner Dad often teases me about the number of close girlfriends I have.
They’re scattered around the world – London, New Zealand, America.
Around Australia too – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.
They even stretch to both ends of Tasmania (hey Brig!)
If I could afford 12 bouquets, 12 sets of shoes and jewellery, and a whole fleet of wedding cars, I would gladly ask a dozen of them to line up beside me.
That and if Learner Dad had that many friends himself!
In picking my bridesmaids, I quickly narrowed it down to eight… to six… to four… before moving quickly back up to six again… and then finally settling on four…
They are four of my closest gal pals – school friends, flatmates, work colleagues, girls I’d done bridesmaid duty for myself and girls I kept in close contact with.
I knew I’d picked the right team.
But I was still worried.
What about the once close friends I’d lost contact with?
Or those I’d recently reconnected with?
There were also newer friends I suspected I would only become closer to as life went on.
When I confided my concerns to Learner Dad, he frowned, suggesting that being my bridesmaid probably wasn’t anyone’s main goal in life.
And I quickly realised he was right.
Many of my friends, mid-30s and already no stranger to the pastel chiffon, would be glad they’d avoided another run as bridesmaid.
They’d be relieved to not have to worry about speeches, uncomfortable shoes and dancing with strange, often shorter, men.
So, on that note, to the four who got stuck with the role and all that comes with it, my beautiful brunette bridesmaids, let the fun begin.
As for me, it’s time now to turn my selection criteria elsewhere – the guest list.